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    November 27, 2018
  • Many years ago, the landscape looked very different. The land was covered with lush tallgrass prairie and oak woodlands and savannas unlike any you've seen. The king of the woodlands was the mighty oak. White oaks, red oaks, and bur oaks were common in this region because they could tolerate fires that were prevalent until the early 19th century. Our current oak woodlands are fragmented and degraded. Experts estimate that oaks made up 60 percent of the tree canopy in the Chicago area in the 1880s. Today they make up only about 17 percent. Oak trees are a keystone species, critical to the survival of entire ecosystems. If oaks disappear, there will be a domino effect. As oaks decline, so can 500 species of birds, animals, and insects that find shelter in their massive trunks and branches...

    The Morton Arboretum