Projects and Work Orders

We want you and your owners to have the best experience on your property, but maintenance issues do happen. Our Community Managers have a process for projects and work orders to ensure your maintenance requests are fixed with ease and the utmost efficiency.

Prompt Processing

Work orders will be processed promptly.

Property Inspections

Property inspections will be performed monthly from April to November and as needed the other months, through visits to examine the quality of work that has been completed by contractors and maintenance personnel.

Issuing Work Requests

Work requests will be issued to respective contractors.

Maintenance Contracts

Every quarter your Property Manager will audit maintenance contracts for compliance and term. The Board can elect to entertain new maintenance proposals each quarter.

Preventative Maintenance Program

On a quarterly basis, your Property Manager will review and update both long-term and short-term preventative maintenance programs for all buildings and all common elements or areas.