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Advocate Property Management provides Association Management, Real Estate, and Maintenance services in the Greater Chicago Suburbs. By leveraging Innovation, Integrity, Process, Technology, and Service, Advocate Property Management has achieved impressive levels of growth. Advocate recently completed the acquisition and integration of a Property Management & Consulting company in the West Chicago suburbs, and intends to continue its growth through a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions.

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Client Testimonials

"Advocate Property Management is a top notch company with a highly professional staff that do an excellent job. The educational seminars are always excellent. This one came with a book that is filled with must know information. I am pleased to have them manage our community."
Ron R.
Board Member
"Our experience with Advocate Management Company has been very positive. Advocate has been our management for the past four years and we are very happy with the our community manager and the staff at Advocate."
Barbara M.
Board Member
"I have worked with APM for several years. It's been a pleasure working with managers who are always on top of things and care about their residents. It's refreshing to work with such kind hearted managers who always call me back and stay on top of projects. I look forward to working with APM for years to come. Residents/Board members if you are looking for a management company that will have your best interest at heart call APM."
Jennifer O.
Board Member
"Since taking over management for our HOA I have seen remarkable improvement in response time to inquiries, along with an increase in the quality of the information I receive. With our old company, emails would be answered within a few business days and would often fail to provide a complet set of information. I worked with Advocate in a modification approval for a pool, and my first request for information included the documents I needed, along with additional information regarding timelines, best pratices for filling out the forms, and next steps. From final submission to approval it took 24 hours(!), whereas a similar project took months with our old company. As a homeowner, I greatly recommend Advocate as a management company."
Brett W.
"Our condo association has worked with Advocate Property Management for about two years. During that time, our manager and the team at Advocate have helped us handle issues that previous management companies were unable to do. We've reduced our delinquencies, found good vendors, continued on a positive financial path and streamlined documentation and meetings. Managing an association is not an easy task. The team at Advocate does a great job keeping our association on track."
Suzette H.
"This is the first Property Management company that I've used, and they have made the experience very pleasurable. Before I contacted them, I was concerned with how I was going to manage my property, and go to work, and tend to my new family, while still keeping sane."
Champyon S.

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