Technology Meets Your Association

At Advocate, we use technology to bring your community together all in one place.

We offer a state-of-the-art, custom branded community website service that provides communities with peace of mind. We customize the website for your residents through a Resident Engagement Platform that provides integrated security solutions and instant access to a streamlined community resource hub. This platform keeps your community informed on current events and gives residents the ability to access unit-specific information on their property by desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. The efficient and easy-access features on this platform make it an outstanding resource for current and future homeowners. Click the demo below for a live resident experience!

What Is Offered?

Management Dashboard:

  • Streamline processes by managing work orders, amenity bookings, board approvals, and more – all in one central place.
  • Accept online payments through an integrated AR system.
  • Analyze and improve operations through performance tracking and reporting.

Resident Engagement: 

  • Connect residents to their neighbors and community leaders with a live newsfeed.
  • Provide access to HOA documents, property information, and account balances.
  • Keep your residents informed by sending email and text notifications, posting maintenance schedules, and sharing a calendar of events.

Security Solutions:

  • Offer piece of mind with neighborhood surveillance camera integration.
  • Add visitor management, credentialed access, and front desk solutions for increased security.
  • Send real-time alerts and empower your residents to report issues through a user-friendly portal.


  • Mobile App
  • Branded Website
  • Service Requests
  • Text Messaging
  • Private Newsfeed
  • Document Storage
  • Amenity Reservations
  • Event Sign-Up


  • Community Directory
  • Incident Reporting
  • Credentialed Access
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Visitor Management
  • Package Tracking

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