Extreme Cold Weather Tip: From Our Friends at Perma-Seal

The extreme cold temperatures over the next few days may cause your home’s sump pump discharge line to freeze.

If you have a sump pump discharge line that extends above grade or below grade, but does not have a Perma-Seal Ice Guard fitting or similar air gap, your discharge line may be susceptible to freezing

Warmer temperatures (into the 40 degrees) following this week’s cold snap may cause your sump pump to cycle on and if the discharge line(s) are blocked with ice, this could lead to water in your home and/or damage to your sump pump. 

For the health of your basement system, we recommend inspecting your sump pump discharge line to ensure it is free from any ice blockages. This will help your sump pump and discharge line operate properly.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay problem free!

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