Information Technology

We embrace technology in our processes as a way to make the Board’s job easier and to better serve the owners. Our paperless process provides organization and immediate access to information for Boards and Owners. Below are some of our technology service offerings.

Electronic Invoices

We use electronic invoices to process payments faster for you and your vendors.

Mobile Services

Our web-based management platform allows for instant access to your association information from any device. Work orders can be entered immediately during inspections, Property Managers can provide quick information at Board Meetings, and more.


We provide an option of a dedicated association website at vendor cost. This site gives Board members elevated access to Board only areas, and also gives Owners access to Association information, including individual financial account information.


We accept e-payments from your community so your residents can pay efficiently and on time.

Email/Text Blasts

We send out blasts through email and/or text to keep your community up-to-date on policies, processes, and more.

Web Portals

Owner portals allow your residents to communicate, access their information, request work orders, and stay informed in the community. Board portals enable Board members to communicate with each other and access more advanced Association information.

Cloud Storage

We house all of our data in large, highly secure data centers with advanced back-up capabilities and disaster-recovery services.