Management Services

We employ a team approach to Property Management to ensure that your property’s individual needs are met. Below is a summary of the services we offer. For more detailed information on our Management Services, go to our Request for Proposal.

Our daily services include:

  • Administration of records and correspondence by our responsive Customer Service Agents
  • Collection of assessments through a variety of payment methods
  • Bill payment through an electronic processing system with automated Board approval
  • Completion of work orders by knowledgeable and skilled in-house and outside maintenance personnel
  • Access to information about your association through our cloud-based management system

Monthly your Property Manager will:

  • Perform thorough property inspections to detect issues proactively
  • Summarize daily services into an informative Property Report
  • Schedule time to review the Property Report at association Board meetings

Each quarter we:

  • Audit maintenance contracts for compliance and term dates
  • Provide services to procure new proposals for maintenance contracts with your best interests in mind
  • Review and update both long-term and short-term preventative maintenance programs for all buildings and all common elements or areas of your property

Your Property Manager will leverage information collected throughout the year to:

  • Update annual plans, budgets and reports and schedule annual meetings in preparation for the next operating year
  • Assist with annual audits, compilations, or reviews performed by an outside auditing firm selected by the Board of Directors
  • Furnish necessary information for tax purposes
  • Assist with the property insurance renewal process

We would be happy to provide you with a custom proposal for your property with detailed information on our management and financial services.

Contact us at (833) 253-0100 or go to our Request for Proposal.